We provide technology for OEM + Telco's to manage their sites across a complete offering of Datahat owned and operated technologies. We cater custom solutions for across search engine technology,  browser extensions, mobile browser and create combinations that suit OEM + Telco needs.

Our ultimate goal for publishers is providing;An uninterrupted user experience & A profitable and effective direct revenue source.

Data management & monetisation

We use your own results and data to optimize activity on your site, giving you higher revenue and an increased yield on your site. Our analytics and technology targets specific interactions to tap into what will earn you the most revenue on your site.

Curated Offerings

Datahat’s technology is fully customisable to your brand, giving users highly engaging experiences on your site that don’t feel intrusive.  Our solutions are easily installed on your site, and we provide you will comprehensive internal resources that make the installation straightforward and effective.

Extended coverage

We use an extensive network of premium advertiser inventory to insure your users are served ads and results of Tier 1 quality.

We specialise in working with leading OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and Telco's by managing their properties. Key benefits for our partners include.

Increase RPU

Increase Loyalty

New Revenue Channel

We already work with these brands globally

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